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Eleven Different Styles or Techniques

Fishing Methods, Styles and Techniques

Fishing MethodsThere are many different fishing methods to catch fish when offshore or inshore sport fishing here in Panama. Here at Come Fish Panama we provide over 11 different styles or techniques to land different species. The most common fishing style worldwide is to troll for your species, but here at CFP, we like to take it a little further and get into the action a bit quicker and provide heart-pounding action while the rod is bent over the rail.

Not only will we review how we achieve this but we firmly believe trolling in open seas or over a favorite high spot sometimes does not produce a bent rod and consumes your valuable fishing time. Below you find information regarding style, technique, reels, rods, lures, hooks, and other equipment necessary that we provide to our anglers while sports fishing here at Come Fish Panama. If you’re new or just starting out we will be more than happy to teach you during your fishing trip the correct speed or rhythm for each presentation to provide a strike.

Popping in Panama

Fishing MethodsPopper fishing in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama is world renown due to its countless rocky shoreline and beaches off the coast, along with the many small islands which tends to hold giant jaw crushing Cubera Snapper, very large Rooster Fish, African Pompano, Mullet Snapper, and many other species.

Just offshore throwing poppers at Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado will trigger vicious strikes which are created by a cup-face that makes big splashes, lots of underwater noise and entices any predatory fish in the area to come in for a look, the lure action often triggering a bite. For Wahoo we tend to throw stick-bait which is basically the shape of a baitfish a possess and action imitating an injured swimming baitfish, making it appear to be an easy meal. We also feel the reason why Wahoo love stick-bait so much is due to the lure’s action.

Our popper rods are Ocean Tackle International in which we have the Tuna Sniper and Ocean Xtreme G3 line. These are world-class rods with plenty of backbone for landing that fish of a lifetime! These rods are all outfitted with Shimano Stella 18K/20K SW, Twin Power 10K/14K SW, or Saragosa 10K/20K SW reels.

Speed Jigging in Panama

Fishing MethodsOther fishing methods are slow jigging or speed jigging which Come Fish Panama specializes in produced strikes on various species when they tend not to feed. We feel that jigs are the most versatile and productive of all artificial lures. They will work for a wide variety of species in almost any type of conditions.

Jigging for Yellowfin Tuna requires the right rod and reel in which we provide Phenix, Shimano, and Ocean Tackle International jigging rods (400g/500g) along with Shimano Talica, Trinidad, Stella, Twin Power, and Saragosa Reels. For light tackle jigging, we have available Shimano Spheros 6000/8000 SW, Saragosa 8000 SW, and 10,000 SW spinning reels and Shimano Talica 8 12, and 16, Shimano Torium 16, 20 and 30 conventional reels for those anglers looking to jig for Snappers, Grouper, Amberjack, African Pompano, and other bottom dwellers.

Live Bait Fishing in Panama

Fishing MethodsLive bait fishing in Panama consists of 3 different kinds of bait species. Bonito, Blue Runners also know here in Panama’s “Cojinoa” and Sardines. Each bait will present itself with different types of applications depending on the fishing method.

Bonito is most commonly used for either slow troll Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Cubera Snapper, Dorado, or even a Rooster Fish if the bonito is small enough. This bait is very popular as well for bottom fishing Cubera Snapper and your mate on board will make sure you have the right equipment for all different fishing applications you will encounter. Bonito is a bait you will catch once heading offshore, these baits will then be placed in Tuna Tubes to keep them alive and fresh which you’ll find at the stern of the vessel.

Blue Runners will be another bait that you will use either offshore or inshore. This hearty bait will either be used trolling for Rooster Fish or Snappers inshore or used as cast bait for Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Pacific Sailfish, or any species we find on topwater. Blue Runners are also presented to bottom feeders such as Amberjack, Cubera Snapper, African Pompano, Mullet Snapper, and other species. Fishing MethodsThere is a very good chance you will double over a rod when applying this type of fishing method at one of many honey holes.

Our last bait is the well known Sardine, this bait is usually used for cast sighting Yellowfin Tuna. We will also apply sardines as a chum line or used on bottom feeders. We feature hooks by Mustad, Owners, or VMC.


For fly fishing for a Pacific Sailfish or Marlin, we recommend 12-14 weight rod 8’6” or 9 foot. The best for traveling is a 4 piece rod. Reels should be 12-14 weight large arbor reel with a good quality disc brake. Fly Line: Billfish floating fly line for popper flies. Sinking tip or intermediate line for those using streamer flies. Backing line 50-65 braided line. Leader material: 60-80 pound mono for the butt section. Class tippet, Mason 20 lb. Shock tippet, 80-100 mono. Hooks: Tiemco 6/0, 7/0, 8/0. Flies: Billfish popper flies.


For Inshore Fly Fishing: Roosterfish and Snappers. Rod 10 weight with suitable reels. Fly line – 10 weight floating for popper flies, 10 weight intermediate or sinking tippet for streamers, feathers, or anything that needs to get down in the water. Leader – Butt section 30-40 lb mono Tippet 20 and under. Shock tippet 30-50 lb mono. Inshore Flies: Any fly that imitates sardines and minnows with lots of flash and hair. Poppers with feathers.

Fishing Technique Photos

Below you will find some photos from our library which reflect the topics written above. Should you have any questions regarding these fishing methods feel free to contact us.

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