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Weather, Maps, and Information- The rainy season is from late May to early December, while the dry season is from late December to early May — nearly exactly the same seasonal weather pattern as South Florida, except for the complete absence of hurricanes. The rainy season does not mean continuous rain. Usually, the mornings are sunny, with intermittent heavy rain in the afternoon. Continuous overcast and drizzle are not the norms except sometimes in the rainiest months of October and November.

Local microclimates vary widely. Annual rainfall in the city of Panama is about the same as Miami at 8 feet per year. The rainiest areas are in the western mountains of the Caribbean. Rain is worth big money to Panama because it is what floats the ships through the Panama Canal. The dry season can be extreme in some areas on the south side of Panama in March and April.

Panama’s seasons are the opposite of the US. Winter in Panama is known as summer up north and vice versa. Winter in Panama refers to the rainy season (May-December) and summer in Panama refers to the dry season (December-May). This means that in the cold months of wintertime in the north when many people are seeking relief in warmer climates, Panama is having its summer with the highest temperatures of the year. The school calendar is also reversed, with school ‘summer’ vacations from mid-December through February.

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Quick Facts


  • Panama’s temperature and humidity are often lower than Florida’s.
  • Panama’s ‘summer’ is winter in the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • Panama has about 100 microclimates, so the weather varies by location.
  • Mountain areas such as Boquete are cooler and windier.
  • The Caribbean side (Bocas del Toro) is more humid and rainy than the Pacific.
  • The driest part of Panama is the Azuero Peninsula on the south coast.
  • The hottest part of Panama is around David (SW border near Costa Rica).
  • The length of the day is 12 hours year-round because Panama is near the equator.
  • Sunrise is approx. 6:20 am and sunset is approx. 6:20 pm year-round.
  • Panama never goes on Daily Savings Time as all days are the same length.
  • Panama never gets hurricanes.

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