Striped Marlin Photos

Scientific nameTetrapturus audax

  • Striped marlin is a Pacific species; however, they still cover the most extensive range of any billfish species.
  • Many anglers consider the striped marlin to be the perfect billfish. It’s certainly among the most beautiful, with its bluish-purple stripes vividly blazing along its flanks.
  • They readily bite a wide variety of baits, and because of their habit of tailing on the surface, they also offer anglers the unique opportunity to sight-cast to individual fish.
  • They’re among the most acrobatic of the billfish species, with the speed and strength to catapult themselves in explosive aerial displays.
  • While they may not reach the grander status of their larger blue- and black cousins, they have been known to top 300 to 400 pounds in certain parts of the world.

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