African Pompano Photos

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Scientific nameAlectis ciliaris

  • The African pompano also known as the pennant-fish and threadfin trevally is a widely distributed species of tropical marine fish in the jack family. The species is found in tropical waters worldwide, with adults often inhabiting coastlines.
  • The African Pompano fights much like other big jacks, but uses its flat side to even greater advantage, and exhibits a peculiar, circling tactic that puts the angler to a rough test.
  • Lures are often jigs or streamers worked on deep reefs and wrecks, although they have been known to take a trolled lure or rigged bait. In rare cases, they have even been known to take saltwater flies on sinking lines and poppers at the surface.
  • The adults of the species prefer coastal waters to depths of 100 m, inhabiting reefs and wrecks throughout the water column.
  • The fighting prowess and good table fare attract anglers to the species in many parts of the world.

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