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Pacific Amberjack AKA Almaco Jack is a bottom dweller that will give you an epic fight. Dropping down a live Blue Runner or a jig these species once hooked will test your skills. Here in Panama, the best time to fish for these species is during the rainy season (July – November). Some anglers refer to Amberjack as “Reef Donkeys”. Pure adrenaline and power once you’re hooked up. The flesh of the Pacific Amberjack is quite delicious and may be prepared in a myriad of dishes, from completely raw sushi, sashimi to fully cooked grilled, steamed, or baked.
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Amberjack Information

Scientific nameSeriola rivoliana

  • They are also known at the Pacific Amberjack and Almaco Jack.
  • The Amberjack is the largest Jack found in Panama waters and they have an elongated fusiform.
  • They are an amber-colored fish with a massive body that is lighter on the undersides and they have a very distinctive dark “bandit” stripe running diagonally through its eye obliquely to the front of its dorsal fin, which fades into a black background shortly after collection and is significantly diminished with the age of the fish.
  • The Amberjack is a major targeted game species in Panama, however, they are very seasonal and not caught with regularity. They are famous for its slow, steady, and consistent “pull,” resembling a major locomotive that can continue for several minutes without a pause. They are considered to be excellent table fare.

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