Bluefin Trevally

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Scientific nameCaranx melampygus

  • Also known as the bluefin jack among others is a species of large, widely distributed marine fish classified in the jack family.
  • They are easily recognized by their electric blue fins, tapered snout, and numerous blue and black spots on their sides.
  • The upper body of this Jack is a silver-brassy color, fading to silvery-white on the underside of the fish, often with blue hues.
  • The pelvic and pectoral fins are white, with the pectoral fin having a yellow tinge. Juvenile fish do not have the bright blue fins, instead have dark fins with the exception of a yellow pectoral fin. Some juvenile fish have also been recorded as having up to five dark vertical bars on their sides.
  • They inhabit both inshore environments such as bays, lagoons, and shallow reefs, as well as deeper offshore reefs, atolls, and bomboras.
  • These Jacks occurs in a wide range of inshore and offshore marine settings throughout its range, including estuarine waters.
  • The fish makes long powerful runs on light tackle and is a determined fighter. The species readily accepts both bait and lures, with live fish or squid often used as bait and a variety of lures also used on the species. Lures may include poppers, plugs, spoons, jigs, soft plastic lures, and even saltwater flies.

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