Barred Snapper Photos

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Scientific name: Hoplopagrus guentherii

  • The barred snapper is a species of snapper native to the Pacific coast of Central and northern South America from Mexico to Colombia.
  • Rounder in shape than most Snappers with thick lips and stout dorsal spines. The belly is rusty red with dark vertical bars make this one easy to spot.
  • They inhabit rocky areas near coral reefs at depths from very shallow waters to around 50 m (160 ft). This species grows to 92 cm (36 in) in total length, though most only reach 50 cm (20 in).
  • The heaviest known example of this species weighed 9.6 kg (21 lb).
  • This species is important to local inhabitants as a food fish and is also sought as a game fish.

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