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Cubera Snapper Information

Scientific nameLutjanus novemfasciatus

  • The Pacific cubera looks quite like the Atlantic Cubera (Lutjanus cyanopterus) of the western Atlantic, the “river” or”mangrove red” snapper.
  • These snappers and some others around the world, grow to sizes approaching or exceeding 100 lb (45 kg).
  • All have deep reddish bodies, 4 large canine teeth, stubby gill rakers, and almost identical body and fin shapes, habitat, and behavior.
  • Growing to at least 80 lb (36 kg), it is the largest of the nine species of snapper that occur in its range.
  • The most prominent and recognizable feature is the 4 large canine teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.
  • Currently this is a catch, photo and release species due to it's numbers and growth rate.

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