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Scientific name: Lutjanus argentimaculatus<

  • The coloration of the mangrove red snapper ranges from burnt orange to copper, to bronze and dark reddish-brown, depending on its age and environment.
  • Younger fish caught in estuarine areas are often darker than older fish taken from offshore reef areas
  • The species is carnivorous: they are predators, feeding mainly at night on fishes, crustaceans, gastropods, and cephalopod mollusks
  • As they mature, mangrove red snappers move into open waters, sometimes hundreds of kilometers from the coast[4] to breed. These larger fish are sometimes caught by bottom-fishers with heavy tackle, though they still remain difficult to land due to their speed and proximity to sharp reef bottoms.
  • For fishermen, the telltale sign of a hooked mangrove red snapper is the explosive run for cover once the bait (or lure) is taken. Many fish (and so lures) are lost once they reach the protection of the snags as a result of their initial burst of speed.

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