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Scientific name: Lutjanus peru

  • The Pacific Red Snapper whose common Spanish name is Huchinango and known locally as Pargo rojo, is a member of the Snapper or Lutjanidae Family, known collectively as “pargos” in Panama.
  • The upper body is bright red and the sides are silvery red. Overall color is lighter than that of the Colorado Snapper, and it does not have the dark bars that are often apparent on the Colorado.
  • The anal fin has three spines and eight rays and is pointed; the caudal fin is concave; and, the dorsal fin has ten spines, is continuous and rounded at its terminal end.
  • The Pacific Red Snapper is found over rocky bottoms, close to caves and crevices at depths up to 300 feet.
  • The Pacific Red Snapper is most likely confused with the Colorado Snapper and is one of the tastier snappers.

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