Yellow Snapper Photos

Yellow Snapper Information

Scientific name: Lutjanus argentiventris

  • Yellow Snapper are a smaller snapper found in the Eastern Pacific between Baja Mexico down to around Peru.
  • Like many snappers, they are typically found near the bottom over rocky areas down to around 120 feet.
  • Nose and head are rosy, and most of the body is deep yellow or orange, as the fins. A blue streak runs below the eye.
  • They are an excellent fighter for their size but rarely exceed 10lbs. Their diet, as is typical of Snappers, consists of small fish, molusks, and crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs.
  • The biggest ones are caught on large live baits fished on the bottom but metal jigs and dead bait also produce large ones.
  • They are great eating but are usually more of a by catch when bottom fishing.

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