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The Pacific Barracuda’s natural habitat is in open ocean waters. Sometimes they tend to hug the inshore coast of Panama. These species are usually caught on live bait blue runner or a trolling lure. When anglers target Roosterfish these species are a bycatch. Pacific Barracuda has an elongated cylinder shape body. They are slender and have a long pointy snout. The average weight of the Pacific Barracuda is about 11 to 17 pounds. Their length is about 1 meter, rarely exceeding 1.2 meters. Pacific barracuda is a predatory fish, exhibiting aggressive behavior in order to feed on other small fishes. Their diet primarily consists of small fish such as anchovies, small pacific mackerels, squid, groupers, grunts, and even young barracuda.

Although considered aggressive predators to smaller fish, these fish are typically harmless to the rest of the surrounding ocean, unlike the Great Barracuda. Their behavior only appears to be violent, however, the Pacific Barracuda will swim away when approached and return to their schools. Should you catch one during your visit, it is best to send it back to live and fight another day.

Barracuda Information

Scientific name: Sphyraena argentea

  • They can be distinguished from Mexican barracudas,Sphyraena ensis, by their silvery sides and a general lack of bars or spots.
  • Pacific barracudas are slender, predatory fishes with small scales, a large mouth with fang-like teeth, and a protruding lower jaw. The tail fin is forked and the two dorsal fins are widely separated.
  • barracudas have well-deserved reputations for being a voracious hunter. Fish, such as groupers, grunts, snapper, bream and even young barracudas are among its prey.
  • The barracuda attacks swiftly, charging at its prey at great speed and taking a large snapping bite with its powerful jaws.
  • The barracuda uses its acute eyesight to hunt and will usually move quickly toward a light or sudden movement that might indicate the presence of prey.

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