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Sierra Mackerel Information

Scientific name: Scomberomorus brasiliensis

  • Sierra Mackerels is also known as the Pacific Sierra Mackerel.
  • The Sierra Mackerels belong to the tribe Scomberomorini, which is the "sister tribe" of the true mackerels. This tribe consists of 21 species in all, 18 of those are classified into the genus Scomberomorus, two into Grammatorcynus, and a single species into the monotypic genus Acanthocybium.
  • The sides are silvery with numerous round orange spots. The first dorsal fin is black with yellow and white fringe. The second dorsal fin is tinged with yellow and with a black margin.
  • Anglers usually confused this with the Spanish Mackerel of the Atlantic.
  • Average size is a good 3 or 4 pounds with 6 to 8 pounders being very common. Maximum is a 20 pounds
  • Great fighter on light tackle with fast strikes and runs is their hallmarks
  • Light tackle provides great sport fishing with Sierras. Spinning, baitcasting or fly outfits are widely used but spinning is best because the fast retrieve.

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