Bone Crushing Cubera Snapper

This week Come Fish Panama welcomed Lian and Piers from West Bay, Cayman Islands. These two brothers and their families were visiting Panama and wanted to do some fishing in order to compare it to their home waters.


During both days of fishing, we had dark, cloudy skies to start the day but then it would become sunny, reminiscent of our dry season weather. Water temperature and conditions were almost perfect for some offshore fishing.

Bottom Dwellers/Cubera

Within 15 minutes after leaving the dock, we encountered spectacular leaps of Pacific Humpback Whales. Our two anglers were not here for a whale-watching expedition, so we decided to continue on our journey. Upon arriving, we trolled for approximately 2 hours during which we picked up many Oriental Bonito. These speedsters are often overlooked as great table fare, but I must say I like them a lot. Today’s catch, however,


Enjoying the snapper fight

were going to be used as bait for our primary target of the day. Once we got on the high spot, Lian and Piers had non-stop action with Mullet Snapper, Cubera Snapper, Rainbow Runners and a seldom-caught Pacific Red Snapper. You may recall that last week’s anglers boated one as well. These two brothers enjoyed the action so much that they decided to return the following day in hopes of repeating today’s fun.

Day two was pretty much the same routine on the Cubera and other species as you will see from the action photos below. It was pretty evident from their comments and smiles that they truly enjoyed the bottom fishing we provided for them.

Our Thanks

My Mate Jose and I enjoyed Lian and Piers’ company very much, and thank them for joining Come Fish Panama for a couple days of offshore fishing. We look forward to taking them Yellowfin Tuna fishing on a future trip.

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