2019 Panama Fishing Season

Full Year In Review

2019 Epic Panama Fishing Season

The 2019 Panama fishing season was one to remember. We provided a mixed bag of species as always to these wonderful and newfound fishing friends.   Joining the adventure this year we had angler from all over the world which included Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Norway, Peru, Sweden, Germany and as deep and far as Australia,  These Anglers provided loads of rod bending action as always here at the Come Fish Panama.

Panama Sport Fishing

Another Marlin Boat Side

Weather, Seas, and Temperature

The rainy season has come and gone and the peak season of fishing in the Gulf of Chiriqui is up and ready to roll.  December through March is summer here in Panama.  This brings the northerly winds with a bit of swell during the ride back to the lodge during December and January.  But nothing big that we can’t handle. Usually, a 2 to 3-foot swell is the average and 4-6 on the high end.

Clear blue tropical water along with great sunshine from December to March and the rain picks up a tad in April and May.  Water temperature throughout the year runs from 76 to 84 on average.  Lower temperatures mean the perfect time for topwater popping with the higher temperatures we usually like to cast deep swimming plugs.

2019 Panama Fishing Season

Pam Spinelli crushing Cow Yellowfin Tuna with Come Fish Panama

Fishing angler and species

Dominating the January and February months we had Black and Blue Marlin along with the Pacific Sails and Dorados.   These species continue to arrive during these months and those groups that were targeting these pelagics were rewarded.  A few Yellowfin Tunas also made an appearance but for only a couple of weeks.  Roosterfish and Cubera Snappers were also a big hit during February as they were pretty much in force for Scott Shilling group, Brent Simon group, Ross Bishop, and others.

March Yellowfin Tuna and Black Marlin came alive Pacific Sailfish was also in the mix as group anglers were rewarded with these species along with Mah-Mahi.  April, as usual, is Yellowfin Tuna month and this means popper, stick bait along with a Bonito bait troll for the cow and super cow tunas.  Groups that fished in April and the month of May did not go home disappointed. Yellowfin Tuna was just about everywhere feeding on live sardines.

June and July were a great surprise as we encountered big Yellowfin Tuna this late in the season.  Bluefin Trevally, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Mullet Snapper, African Pompano, and other bottom dwellers delivered throughout each month as these species live here.

One quick note, should you be thinking about sport fishing with us in the Republic of Panama feel free to call us.  We are here to answer all of your questions and provide you the best possible month or dates for the species you might be looking to target.  Tides and Moon phases do play a part in sport fishing and we like for you to be here at the right time if possible.

Many thanks from Come Fish Panama

2019 Panama Fis

Steve on a nice Cubera Snapper

On behalf of the Come Fish Panama team, we once again would like to thank all our anglers that provided us an opportunity to take them sport fishing during the 2019 Panama fishing season. We fully recognize that there are many other fishing charter providers out there and are grateful our customers chose us.

We manage to take over 8,500 photos during the season but only place a few from each group.  Enjoy the full rod bending action photos below.  Come join us during our 2020 sport fishing season as we look forward to another epic sport fishing season in the Republic of Panama.

2019 Panama fishing season was a year that we meet new friends and continue to visit and enjoy with returning friends.


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