Fly fishing for Dorado, Snapper and more

Fly fishing for Dorado, Snapper and more

Let me start out with an apology to you, our faithful readers, for the lateness of this report.  As you know, we regularly publish a weekly fishing report to keep all of you abreast of the fishing action in the Gulf of Chiriquí off the Northwestern Coast of Panama.  These past 4 weeks or so, we have been extremely busy and did not make the time to sit down and write the report.  Being busy is a good thing in this case, as you can see from the photographs in this and January’s report which will follow shortly.

End of the 2012 Year

Closing out the last week of December 2012 with Come Fish Panama, were the Hennessey family from just outside of London, England, and Matt and Abby Badger from New York State.  The weather and conditions for both of these trips were almost perfect with beautiful blue water and clear skies through-out their days fishing.

Henessey Family

One of the highlights of the Hennessy trip was to assist little Jessica land the very first fish of her young life.   To witness the many emotions she went through from the fight to the release was priceless.  It turned out to be a beautiful Bluefin Trevally.  We snapped many photographs of Jessica and her fish, but unfortunately we were

Bluefin Trevally

12 year old Trish with mate Turo of CFP

not able to take a picture of her with the rod bent over. Nevertheless, the fish came aboard and smiles broke out for everyone.  Mom was also in on the action with a nicely bent rod and a landed Bluefin Trevally.  Not to be outdone by the ladies, the men of the family caught a nice Dorado and a Rainbow Runner, both of course, beautiful fish in their own right.  This is not bad considering it was only a half day of inshore fishing for the Hennessy family.

Badger Couple

Matt and Abby were vacationing off the Chiriquí coast when they decided to give us a call to head offshore to do a little fishing.  They hit the Dorado jackpot, catching and releasing well over 25 Dorado, several Snappers and Jacks.  Matt stayed busy taking pictures that I’m sure they will enjoy sharing with friends and family back home.  Dorado, well known for their acrobatics, put on spectacular shows as if they knew they would be released after the fight.  At Come Fish Panama, we practice CPR (catch, photograph and release) keeping only a few that are headed to the dinner table.

Our Thanks

We would like to thank both the Hennessy and Badger families for trusting Come Fish Panama with their sport fishing business as there are many providers in the area to choose from.  We wish them safe travels and hope to see their smiling faces on board the “Sweet Leilani” in the future.  Enjoy some of the memories of their trip below.

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