Christopher on Wahoo

Arriving to Sports Fishing with Come Fish Panama this we had plenty of groups from a few different countries. Starting things off we had Jamey Plunk, Dylon Miller, Kelton Miller and Tyler Carpenter from Texas, Michael, Allison, Jack & Joe Davis from North Carolina- Luis Hernandez & George Fernandez right here from Panama- Katie Neal & her family from Georgia- David Paquette & Jennifer Petrie the Cayman Islands- Barry, Anne, Sam & Ben Manning from Alaska- Kurt & Mary Elmer from Virgina and to finish off the Come Fish Panama 2013/2014 sport fishing season was Christopher Chambras from France.

Mixed Conditions

The first week of fishing we encountered nice weather then it started slowly blending

Orangemouth Corvina, Wahoo

Orangemouth Corvina on deck

in with a few rain showers off and on. This patterned continued through-out the month with the final trailing days ending in July with overcast clouds with spotted showers coming in around 2:00 pm and heavy doses by the time we arrived the lodge. Water clarity could not be any better as a true blue was available the full month. Water temperature remained on the cool side but that’s what we enjoy when were on the Wahoo hunt. A quick reminder for those folks looking to sport fish with us, dry season runs from December to April while the showers slowly start to coming in around May and ends in November.

Wahoo and more…

The incoming cold water push during the month provided most of our anglers to hook up with many different species through-out their fishing days. But this also pushed the bigger Yellowfin Tuna out of the Gulf of Chiriqui which only left the football size Tunas in the area. The smaller Tunas and Dorado’s were very active while taking pretty much any trolled plug, jig or casted lure. But we enjoyed throwing poppers at them which provides a whole different type of fishing experience as the Tunas explode on topwater. Most of the anglers enjoyed bending a rod on poppers, jigs, livebait Blue Runners, trolled lures and casting lures.

Our July anglers provided many different species:Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi/Dorado, Wahoo, Mullet Snapper, Yellow Snapper, Big Needlefish, Rainbow Runners, Barred Snapper/Rock Snapper,


Stoked on Wahoo

Roosterfish, White Tip, Gray & Hammerhead Shark, Barracuda, Mangrove Snapper, Orangemouth Corvina, Bluefin Trevally, and Jack Crevalle. The abundance of Wahoo at Wahoo Wonder was just the ticket we were waiting as most anglers were able to hook up enough to the point it was catch and release, similar to the Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado. Small, Medium and a couple of good size Hoo’s were tagged as the weeks moved on during the month.

During July we took over 2,500 photographs of our anglers enjoying their fishing adventure. The amount countless number of species caught, photographed and released were mind boggling but very common in the rich marine environment we are blessed with. We provide July’s fishing report with extra bonus photo’s as this will be our last fishing report with anglers until the start of next season.

We will be closed for the offseason from August to November 2014. We will continue to updated you on our facebook page with many new items that will arriving to CFP along with our new rods, reels, tackle along with the new online apparel/merchandise link.

Our Many Thanks

Once again, we would like to thank all our July anglers for choosing to sport fish with us as we know there are many other fishing guides in the area. We hope that Come Fish Panama was able to meet or exceed their expectations, and that we have an opportunity to meet again in the future.

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