“Fantastic Experience”


Fantastic Experience

Mike’s Marlin on the Sweet Leilani

This was our first trip to Panama for a family wedding and being an avid fisherman I knew I had to sample some offshore fishing. Little did I know that this was one of the best places on earth to fish. After doing months of research on the internet, and joining numerous fishing forums ( B.D., 360 Tuna, etc etc ) we decided to book 4 days with Come Fish Panama with Cap’t Kerry Leggett. This was a leap of faith as offshore fishing doesn’t come cheap ! Charlie and Kerry made up a package for us that fit our needs to a ‘T’.

Our experience with Kerry exceeded all our expectations every day. The service and accommodations at Bocas Del Mar were truly first class. Kerry and Jose treated us with respect and courtesy and most importantly put us on fish! With 3 offshore rookies on board Kerry and Jose guided us through the processes of catching bait, trolling and popping. Kerry knows his stuff and once he figures out you know what you’re doing he’s a wealth of information about what tactics to use, how to fight different species etc etc. That’s what I appreciated the most about Kerry. He wasn’t afraid to share his considerable

Fantastic Experience

Ed’s Big Bull Dorado aboard the Sweet Leilani

knowledge with you and he’s being doing this for a long time. Being a truly avid fisherman we bought our own gear to try out and Kerry had no problems with cousin Ed and I doing our own thing and learning at our own pace.

His boat is fully stocked everyday with all kinds of cold beverages and fresh fruits. It’s fast and comfortable
and he knows exactly where to go for whichever species you want to fish for. Everyday we went out was a new adventure and yes we caught all kinds of fish including Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna’s , Jacks, Mahi and on and on.

Dollar for dollar, for what you get, I highly recommend CFP and Kerry. I must acknowledge Tony Pena who originally suggested Kerry and this area, Boca Chica, as we had eyes on elsewhere at the time. I guess the ultimate compliment is repeat business, and there is no doubt we will be going back. This trip was worth every penny and an experience I want to repeat with Come Fish Panama and Capt. Kerry Leggett.

Visited January 2013
Fantastic Experience by Mike Lam



A few photos of the trip below!