“Fishing Trip of a Lifetime”


CFP- Pete and Tommy all smiles- Cow TunaI have fished in Florida, NJ,NY, Bahamas, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico and Pedasi, Panama prior to fishing COME FISH PANAMA, so I have a little knowledge and some experience. In the two short days I fished with Kerry and Jose we caught several Yellowfin Tunas 40 to 80 lb. range and three over 100 one which was very close to 300. Yes that is not a typo 300 with the measurement calculation 288.

I was at first hesitate because not much was known or out there on Kerry’s operation plus at first speaking to Charlie in Wisconsin made me nervous I was dealing with a sub contractor selling a trip to another vendor.

These guys are for real, if you want to come to panama and really fish and have the opportunity to catch an assortment of monster size fish book here and you will be happy.

But I warn you, you will be fishing. There is so much good to say about Come Fish Panama and Kerry I don’t have enough room or time to tell how happy I am. If you have question about my trip email me if you have questions about COME FISH PANAMA email Kerry and check out their website which is continuing to update.

The last thing I will say about Kerry is after fishing we took some fish we could eat and brought it back to the hotel for ourselves other guests and workers, my friend said Kerry is going to make a lot of money selling our fish, Kerry doesn’t make a dime he gives it to poor villagers, that I witnessed with my own eyes. Truly amazing

Visited June 2013
Pete Salvo
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


A few photos of the trip below!