“Come Fish Panama – We are Hooked!”


We are HookedMy husband and I, both avid anglers from Southern California, booked a cruise that departed out of Panama in March. We figured that since we were traveling all the way to Panama, we had best do some fishing in one of the best fishing grounds in the world. After THOROUGH research, we chose to fish with Come Fish Panama.

We have high expectations when it comes to fishing. We expect high quality gear, a seasoned and knowledgeable crew, a top notch boat and memories to last a lifetime. We got all of the above with Come Fish Panama…and more.

To start, we were greeted promptly at the airport by Kerry, the owner of Come Fish Panama. We got a great tour/history of Panama on the 45 minute drive from the airport to Bocas Del Mar, the resort that was arranged for us to stay at by Come Fish Panama. Kerry is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

When we arrived at Bocas Del Mar, our expectations were exceeded. The hotel is gorgeous with top notch service. I’m a picky (slightly snobby) girl from California that expects the best in accommodations. The hotel exceeded all of my expectations. You will NOT be disappointed.

We fished on an immaculate 30 foot Pursuit center console. This boat was epic. It was a two minute walk from the hotel on a private dock. Kerry and his crew do the one thing my husband and I care the most about in a fishing operation – they fish hard. They are a run and gun type of operation. If the fish weren’t cooperating in one spot, they would charge hard and fast to the next spot. We noticed other boats sitting in the same area sitting still in the same spot, catching nothing, seemingly trying to conserve fuel. Kerry, on the other hand, fished hard and would run the boat full throttle to the next spot to optimize our fishing time. Kerry and the crew were constantly de-rigging and re-rigging depending on conditions.

We hooked up with marlin, tuna, Roosterfish, Mullet Snapper and Pargo. As southern California anglers, this trip crossed off some exotic species from our bucket list. The scenery fishing the islands off Panama can’t be beaten either. It was one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen.

We would arrive back at the dock and they would filet our fish for dinner and walk our dinner up to the hotel so my husband and I could get back to our room promptly and take a much needed shower after a day on the ocean.

Kerry takes great pride in his operation and everything was exactly as described and ran incredibly smooth. We will be back soon to fish with Come Fish Panama.

Visited April 2015
We are Hooked by Ryan & Michelle B.
Mission Viejo, California


A few photos of the trip